Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Calling an Inmate

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How do I call an inmate?

  1. Florida prison inmates are not permitted to receive telephone calls.

  2. If there is a family emergency, family members are urged to contact the institution's chaplain. The chaplain will notify the inmate and he/she may be granted a special telephone call.

  3. Inmates may place collect calls to approved numbers. When an inmate enters the Florida prison system, he/she will have an inmate telephone account established with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and be provided with instructions for placing collect calls to family and friends. Inmate phone lists are limited to ten (10) numbers.

  4. Inmates are authorized to initiate collect calls to personal land line numbers and personal cell phone numbers. Collect calls to businesses are prohibited. Before an inmate is permitted to place a collect call, she/he must submit the telephone number, name, and address for verification and activation prior to being added to the inmate's approved call list.

  5. The inmate telephone system contract has now been amended to allow calls to personal cell phone numbers subject to verification and approval of the requested number. Updates to an inmate's phone list to add personal cell phone numbers, as well as landline numbers, will be processed as noted in paragraph (F) below. Family and Friend members should be prepared to submit a copy of their phone contract to the inmate for validation.

  6. Approved call lists can be changed every 6 months, or sooner under specific circumstances provided in the instructions. Each time this list is submitted, all verification information must be included for any additions/changes, as well as those numbers previously approved, the inmate wishes to retain. If only the additions/changes are submitted on the call list, those numbers previously submitted and approved will be deleted. Every new number an inmate requests be added to the approved call list must be verified and activated before the inmate is allowed to call.

  7. If the inmate is unable to complete a call after the number is approved, they should initiate a request through their Classification Office.

  8. If family and friends are unable to receive calls or have other questions regarding receiving calls from an inmate, they may contact their local phone provider or 800-844-6591, Securus Correctional Billing Services, for assistance, or via the web at

If you need more information on Calling an Inmate, see Rule 33-602.205 - Inmate Telephone Use, Florida Administrative Code.