Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Inmate Funds

Due to institutional security issues and related inmate safety concerns we will no longer provide inmate bank deposit amounts or account balances via the toll free number previously utilized for this purpose.  The date of the last deposit will continue to be provided via this number. All inmates are provided with a monthly statement of their account that they may choose to share with you.

  1. What do I need to know about the changes to Rule 33-203.201, F.A.C, Inmate Trust Fund, effective March 29, 2022?
    1. An inmate may receive funds for deposit into his or her inmate trust account ONLY from individuals who, pursuant to Rule 33-601.716, F.A.C., are identified on the inmate’s automated visiting record, and who have a current “approved” status.
    2. A newly received inmate may receive funds from any remitter for up to 60 days from the date of reception or up to the date the inmate’s automated visiting record is established, whichever occurs first.
    3. MoneyGram service to deposit funds to inmates accounts is no longer available.
    4. When sending a money order through JPAY: Both Form DC2-363 and the money order must include the inmate’s name and DC number. In addition, the sender shall provide a valid copy of their driver’s license, state ID, or Passport. If a valid copy of the sender’s ID is not enclosed the money will be returned to the sender.
    5. Form DC2-363 may be obtained from:
      • any institution or facility;
      • the vendor listed on Form DC2-363;
      • the Bureau of Finance and Accounting, Inmate Trust Fund Section, Centerville Station, P.O. Box 12100, Tallahassee, Florida 32317-2100;
      • the Forms Control Administrator, 501 South Calhoun Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2500; or
  2. How do I send money to an inmate?
    1. Effective July 1st, 2013, JPay will be your way to send money to inmates in the Florida Department of Correction. With JPay becoming the sole provider of money transfer services, you can expect a variety of fast, convenient ways to send your loved ones money.

      JPay offers the following convenient ways to make deposits:

      Send Money Now — 4 Ways to Pay


      Online at

      Send money online with your credit or debit card at It's the quickest and easiest way to get your loved one the funds they need.

      Mobile App

      JPay Mobile App

      Download the JPay mobile app from the Apple App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android phones) and send money wherever you happen to be!


      Toll-Free Phone

      You can send money by phone using your credit or debit card. Call (800) 574-5729 to speak with a live JPay call center agent 24/7.

      Money Order

      Money Orders

      As of July 1st, 2013, all money orders must be made payable to JPay and sent with a deposit slip to JPay, P.O. Box 260010, Hollywood, FL 33026. Effective October 1, 2013 money orders sent to the DOC Central Office in Tallahassee will be returned to sender. Funds will be available to the inmate within ten business days - though JPay will make every effort to make funds available sooner. Please note the $0.50 bank processing fee will still be assessed by the Department of Corrections for a money order deposited to the inmate's account. Any money order, cashiers check, or certified bank draft in the amount of $400 or higher will have a ten day hold placed on the funds. After ten days the funds will be available for the inmate's use.

      As of March 29, 2022, You must be on your loved one’s Approved Visitors List in order to send him or her money. If you are sending funds via Money Order, you’ll be required to provide a copy of your identification (driver’s license, state identification or passport).

      Please note: If the inmate is housed at one of the following private facilities or county jails please contact that facility directly for deposit information. You do not need to request or send this deposit form:

      • Moore Haven C.F.
      • Orlando Bridge
      • Re-Entry Ctr. of Ocala
      • Shisa House East
      • Shisa House West
      • Suncoast CRC
      • South Bay C.F.
      • Tomoka CRC 285
      • Tomoka CRC 290
      • Tomoka CRC 298
      • Transition House Inc. KISS
      • Transition House of Bartow
      • Transition House of Dinsmore
      • Transition House of Tarpon Springs

      ***All other types of payments such as pensions, VA Benefits, IRS Tax Refund Checks, transfers from Private Facilities/County Jails, etc. should continue to be mailed to the Inmate Trust Fund Address: Florida Department of Corrections, Inmate Trust Fund, Centerville Station, P.O. Box 12100, Tallahassee, FL 32317-2100.***

      Payment Amount Online Phone Money Order
      $0.01 – $9.99 $1.95 $2.95 $0.00
      $10.00 – $19.99 $2.95 $3.95 $0.00
      $20.00 – $29.99 $4.95 $5.95 $0.00
      $30.00 – $39.99 $6.95 $7.95 $0.00
      $40.00 – $49.99 $7.95 $8.95 $0.00
      $50.00 – $74.99 $8.95 $9.95 $0.00
      $75.00 – $99.99 $10.95 $11.95 $0.00
      $100.00 – $199.99 $11.95 $12.95 $0.00
      $200.00 – $300.00 $12.95 $13.95 $0.00
      $300.01 – $999.99 N/A N/A $0.00
    2. Generally, what items do inmates need to purchase?

      1. The basic needs of an inmate are met. These needs include food, haircuts, clothing, shoes, toiletries (toothpaste, shaving razor, soap, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, etc.), and bedding.

      2. Inmates may supplement their basic needs by purchasing extras like soda, snack foods or other authorized items in the institution's canteen.

    3. My friend has a prison pen pal who asks for money for various reasons. How can I learn more about this pen pal, such as what crime he committed, his release date, etc?

      1. Probably the simplest way to verify information about this inmate is to look him up on the Internet at activeinmates/. You'll need the inmate's name or DC number. This web site will provide information about the inmate's offense, location, sentence, history, custody level, race, sex, age, release date and more. A photograph is also provided.

      2. If you do not have access to the Internet, you may call the institution where the inmate is incarcerated to get this information, which is public record.

If you need more information on Inmate Funds, call toll free 1-866-209-7250 or e-mail us at