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August 9, 2022

Statement Regarding Proposed Visitation Rule Changes

The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) recognizes the vital importance of visitation during an inmate’s incarceration. Maintaining community and family ties is also an essential component for an inmate to successfully re-enter into society. Our commitment to ensuring ample time for visitation is evident by our recent expansion of visitation at incentivized prisons.

Visitation takes place in both indoor and outdoor settings and children are often present and provided with an array of games and materials to ensure a positive interaction with their incarcerated loved one can take place.

FDC recently initiated a rule development process for modernizing and defining visitation procedures with the ultimate goal of ensuring the safety and security of all inmates, staff and visitors. The proposed implementation of structured and transparent guidelines, specifically as they pertain to modified visitation schedules or suspension of visitation privileges, have undergone extensive review from agency officials. The ultimate goal is to create a reliable, transparent policy to ensure a uniform approach across 50 major institutions, 16 Annexes and other satellite facilities.

As outlined in the proposed rule change, modified visitation and visitation suspensions are clearly defined and will only be considered when absolutely necessary, and only after specific criteria is met. In the event consideration of modified visitation occurs, the proposed rule also includes an extensive and stringent review process by both regional and statewide administrators.

To access proposed rule 33-601.722, Visiting Schedule click here. Other proposed rule changes can be found here.


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