Inmate Canteen Services Program

The Florida Department of Corrections is pleased to announce that on August 1, 2023, we began a partnership with Keefe Commissary Network LLC (KCN) to provide new and enhanced commissary services. These services and programs will be transitioned in over the upcoming months. Keefe Commissary Network will offer supplemental programs for the inmate population, using a new, hybrid delivery model. The programs include:

  • A NEW friends and family package program.
    • A New friends and family package program where friends and family can order popular, name-brand items that will be delivered directly to incarcerated loved ones. To access the Friends and Family package program, please click on the link   TKC Holdings (
  • Inmate-facing canteen storefronts, with a new menu.
    • The menu includes a variety of new items that provide a greater selection.
  • A quarterly inmate package program for property items.
  • NEW, monthly inmate ordering.
    • Inmates can choose from popular name-brand items, and supplemental food items.
  • NEW recreation-yard pavilions with vending machines.
    • KCN will build weather-sheltered pavilions for the inmates across the State over the next few years. These will also include vending machines stocked with popular products.
  • NEW, expanded vending in visitor parks.
    • Inmates and their visitors can choose items from a robust new menu, including fresh food.

KCN is also offering its Advanced Skills, Career Education and New Development (ASCEND) program, which provides vocational, leadership and managerial training that teaches real-world, in-demand skills and prepares participants for post-release employment. The program covers five areas:

  1. Fundamental Excellence, including but not limited to:
    • Inmate Handbook and Food Safety Handbook
    • Product Handlers Certification
  2. Operational Excellence
    • Hands on training: Tell, Show, Do, and Review methodology
  3. Leadership
    • Peer Tutor and Peer Fellow (Train-the-Trainer)
    • Practical Job Applications and Interviewing
  4. Applied Excellence
    • Training and Certifications
  5. On-line Resources
    • One-stop shop of resources for job search, living assistance, etc.

We are excited about these programs. While we were able to limit menu price increases during contract negotiations over the last two years, the nation has experienced record inflation over the same time. The prices in the new commissary menu are the result of negotiation, the level of inflation and a commitment to provide inmates and their friends and family a variety of products at fair prices. We engaged an independent, third-party to establish "Fair Market Value" pricing, to ensure that prices offered to the population resemble the pricing typically found in retail locations selling similar single serve items.

We look forward to rolling out this expanded and improved commissary program, designed to bring greater selection, convenience, and satisfaction to FDC inmates and their loved ones.