Prison Guard Tower

FDC has 128 facilities statewide, including 50 major institutions, 15 annexes, 7 private facilities (contracts for the private facilities are overseen by the Florida Department of Management Services), 20 work camps, 3 re-entry centers, 2 road prisons/forestry camps, 1 basic training camp, 9 FDC operated work release centers along with 21 more work release centers operated by various private vendors (FDC oversees these contracts). Institutions are geographically grouped into four regions. The Tallahassee Central Office provides support, policy and oversight through the regional directors and their staff to all the facilities.

These facilities incarcerate felons convicted and sentenced more than a year. These inmates are transported from a county jail and enter the system through one of four male or two female reception centers strategically located throughout the state. Upon arrival at a reception center, an inmate is processed, tested, evaluated by health services, assessed for program needs, and his/her custody (security risks) is determined. Custody is determined by reviewing the seriousness of their offenses, length of sentence, time remaining to serve, prior criminal record, escape history, prison adjustment, and other factors. The most serious offenders with the longest sentences and those least likely to adjust to institutional life are placed in more secure facilities. Based on the results of this process the inmate is then transferred to the appropriate facility.

Clickable Institutions Map

Use the clickable map below to locate institutions in a specific area. If you are looking for a specific institution, try the drop-down menu at the top of this page. Click this link to view a larger version of the map.

Map of Institutions Region IVRegion IIIRegion IIRegion IHomestead CIDade CIEverglades C.I.South Florida Reception CenterMoore Haven C.F.South Bay C.F.Martin C.I.Okeechobee C.I.Charlotte C.I.Desoto AnnexHardee C.I.Avon Park C.I.Polk C.I.Lake C.I.Hernando C.I.Sumter C.I.Central Florida Reception CenterLake C.I.Tomoka C.I.Marion C.I.Lowell C.I.Lancaster C.I.Florida Women's Reception CenterPutnam C.I.Lawtey C.I.Union C.I.Florida State PrisonNew River C.I.Reception and Medical CenterBaker C.I.Columbia C.I.Lake City C.F.Cross City C.I.Suwannee C.I.Hamilton C.I.Mayo AnnexMadison C.I.Jefferson C.I.Wakulla C.I.Gadsden Re-Entry CenterQuincy AnnexGadsden C.F.Apalachee C.I. East UnitApalachee C.I. West UnitLiberty C.I.Franklin C.I.Calhoun C.I.Gulf C.I.Graceville C.F.Bay C.F.Holmes C.I.Northwest FL Reception CenterWalton C.I.Okaloosa C.I.Blackwater River C.F.Santa Rosa C.I. Homestead CI Dade CI Everglades C.I. South Florida Reception Center South Bay C.F. Okeechobee C.I. Zephyrhills C.I. Polk C.I. Central Florida Reception Center Lake C.I. Marion C.I. Lowell C.I. Florida Women's Reception Center Tomoka C.I. Putnam C.I. Lawtey C.I. Florida State Prison Union C.I. New River C.I. Reception and Medical Center Lancaster C.I. Cross City C.I. Baker C.I. Columbia C.I. Lake City C.F. Suwannee C.I. Mayo Annex Hamilton C.I. Madison C.I. Taylor C.I. Jefferson C.I. Wakulla C.I. Gadsden Re-Entry Center Quincy Annex Gadsden C.F. Franklin C.I. Liberty C.I. Apalachee C.I. East Unit Apalachee C.I. West Unit Calhoun C.I. Gulf C.I. Bay C.F. Jackson C.I. Santa Rosa C.I. Graceville C.F. Northwest FL Reception Center Holmes C.I. Walton C.I. Okaloosa C.I. Blackwater River C.F. Century C.I. Jackson C.I.