Environmental Health and Safety

Due to its unique mission, the Department of Corrections must provide for the environmental health and safety of incarcerated felons, as well as its own employees, volunteers and visitors. The program is implemented by the department's Environmental Health and Safety Manual.

Other areas of responsibility include:

  • One of the professional staff from this unit accompanies state fire protection specialists of the Division of State Fire Marshal during annual fire safety surveys.
  • Annual fire, environmental health and OSHA-related safety inspections of new, renovated and current institutions, followed by the on-site verification of corrected violations.
  • Conducting environmental health and safety inspections at all major correctional facilities, Annexes, work camps and work release centers semi-annually.
  • Conducts environmental health and safety complaint investigations as necessary.
  • Conducting training sessions for general environmental health and safety awareness.
  • Maintains the Departments Fire Equipment Dealer License/Permits to service fire extinguishers.

Operations & Management
Consulting Manager

Patricia Perkins
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