Inmate Mortality at Santa Rosa Correctional Institution

Name DC Number Date of Death Manner of Death
Determined by ME
Investigative Status
BEATTY, JON WC0293209/30/2015NaturalClosed
LAZARO, MIGUEL RW2894910/03/2015SuicideClosed (Summary)
HOOKS, FRANKLIN D39834912/08/2015NaturalClosed
CORDERO-PENA, BELARMINO07910501/09/2016NaturalClosed
HORNSBY, CLARENCE02024202/23/2016NaturalClosed
BAKER, MICHAEL D88918303/09/2016NaturalClosed
ANDERSON, NICHOLASI0964501/22/2017 HomicideClosed
BRAUN, JAREDX6129501/26/2017SuicideClosed (Summary)
DEMPS, ERIC13446705/22/2017AccidentClosed (Summary)
SHAPIRO, RICHARDL4773005/29/2017NaturalClosed
DAY, MICHAELJ5615307/02/2017 SuicideClosed
JONES, JAEQUEZR6408407/26/2017AccidentClosed (Summary)
BOONE, MAURICE70823710/09/2017NaturalClosed
MASON, SCOTTP5261911/09/2017SuicideClosed (Summary)
CARBONE, VINCENTL8792911/14/2017AccidentClosed
LYNCH, STEVENN1070412/03/2017NaturalClosed
KNOWLES, AUBREY09886601/17/2018AccidentClosed (Summary)
SANTOS, AMBROSE30845103/09/2018AccidentClosed
DESIR, JIMW0975403/10/2018AccidentClosed
RAIMBEAU, JAMES90195303/15/2018 HomicideClosed
HAYS, BOBBYQ2909804/04/2018NaturalClosed
GREEN, WILLIAM71111905/10/2018NaturalClosed
ROCA, JOHNV4560605/16/2018 NaturalClosed
HOWARD, VASCO72069205/26/2018AccidentClosed
ROBINSON, DARJUANG0813709/07/2018 NaturalClosed
SIMPKINS, EDDIE03147812/26/2018 NaturalClosed
COLON, LUIST6738601/29/2019SuicideClosed
TAYLOR, STEPHENP1731402/06/2019 SuicideClosed
SEIFERT, HARRY13951603/06/2019 NaturalClosed
07/01/2019 HomicideClosed
07/20/2019 HomicideCLOSED
WHITE, PAUL 126756 02/17/2020 Accident Closed
LANGSTON, SANTIAGO R57691 02/19/2020 Suicide Closed
HUNTER, FREDERICK W47112 03/01/2020 Accident Closed
08/28/2020 Homicide Closed
BREWER, MARVIN 182154 10/07/2020 Natural Closed
LEONARD, WILLIAM V11290 10/30/2020 Natural Closed
FERNANDEZ, JAVIER 439199 02/10/2021 Natural Closed
GADSON, TIMOTHY 108439 03/05/2021 Natural Closed
KEITH, RAY D90607 07/14/2021 Pending Closed
09/25/2021 Pending Closed
WILLIAMS, JEFFERY 458928 10/06/2021 Homicide Closed
DANIELS, DERRICK 167155 04/24/2022 Natural Closed
MARCUM, JOSEPH W00188 04/29/2022 Natural Closed
06/06/2022 Natural Closed
JOHNROE, WILLIAM C04509 07/03/2022 Natural Closed
BARTOSIK, PAUL A51911 10/01/2022 Natural Closed
10/01/2022 Pending OPEN
11/15/2022 Suicide OPEN
08/06/2023 Pending OPEN
09/02/2023 Pending Closed
09/29/2023 Pending Open
09/29/2023 Pending Open
11/18/2023 Pending OPEN
11/25/2023 Pending
12/04/2023 Pending
12/22/2023 Pending
03/16/2024 Pending Open

Guide for Manner of Death classification from the National Association of Medical Examiners

Investigative Status Definitions

Open: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the FDC Office of the Inspector General.

Open- FDLE: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Open- OTHER*: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the listed local law enforcement agency with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Closed: The death investigation is completed.

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