Inmate Mortality at Union Correctional Institution

Name DC Number Date of Death Manner of Death
Determined by ME
Investigative Status
DUFOUR, MATTHEW JD2044906/08/2015NaturalClosed
SHEPHERD, EDWIN HC0728508/24/2015NaturalClosed
JONES, CLARENCE J11762910/27/2015NaturalClosed
GAINES, VINCENT C54765612/03/2015 NaturalClosed (Summary)
KITCHEN, RAYMOND EP2815812/04/2015NaturalClosed
PRESTON, ROBERT07259312/20/2015NaturalClosed
WAY, CLAYTON03996303/17/2016NaturalClosed
KELLY, WAYNE LD8489103/25/2016NaturalClosed
EDMOND, IZELL03313805/02/2016NaturalClosed
EDDY, JAMESR1797407/09/2016SuicideClosed (Summary)
SLATON, DAVIS12271708/03/2016NaturalClosed
JONES, DAVID91494911/10/2016NaturalClosed
LUNDIN, JONATHAN09422204/04/2017NaturalClosed
SNEAD, JOHNE1938206/22/2017AccidentClosed (Summary)
MILLS, DAVID55675208/24/2017NaturalClosed
MORENUS, GERALD09241410/12/2017NaturalClosed
SELBY, DANIEL03049510/23/2017NaturalClosed
DEWBERRY, OLIN91553901/17/2018NaturalClosed
PEPIN, JOSEPHI0357102/03/2018 HomicideClosed
MEHRTENS, RICHARDJ3980102/03/2018 HomicideClosed
HARRIS, WALTER06362805/20/2018NaturalClosed
KING, EDWARD73680110/03/2018SuicideClosed
FURMAN, JOHN07171704/12/2019NaturalClosed
TRUSSELL, TERRYI1540504/26/2019NaturalClosed
COPELAND, ARTHUR01876505/08/2019NaturalClosed
BROCK, PHILIPA5141607/16/2019 NaturalClosed
KING, PETER01504807/27/2019 NaturalClosed
TODD, DONNIEH0842508/30/2019 NaturalClosed
GONZALEZ, JOSE40220609/25/2019 AccidentClosed
WELLS, DAVID 028238 11/29/2019 Natural Closed
CANNADY, DOUGLAS 009898 12/12/2019 Natural Closed
PONDER, JIMMIE 018288 12/26/2019 Natural Closed
RAMIREZ, RICARDO L67112 03/01/2020 Suicide Closed
ANDERSON, ROY 278473 03/19/2020 Natural Closed
ROBINSON, RICHARD U00283 04/03/2020 Suicide Closed
JONES, MARVIN 309567 04/09/2020 Natural Closed
DONALDSON, ALLEN 650034 05/27/2020 Natural Closed
BEAMON, ROCKY R22569 06/10/2020 Suicide Closed
DEPRIEST, JON 110648 09/07/2020 Natural Closed
CARUTHERS, CARL 090486 09/11/2020 Natural Closed
GOODEN, ROBERT 288036 09/21/2020 Natural Closed
WINTERS, RONALD 556857 09/25/2020 Natural Closed
PERRY, JAMES 049600 09/28/2020 Natural Closed
ELLIS, RONALD C08923 09/28/2020 Natural Closed
BALLARD, ROY 467583 10/06/2020 Natural Closed
WILSON, WILLIE 019465 10/07/2020 Natural Closed
BISHOP, WILLIAM 973971 10/07/2020 Natural Closed
CUMMINGS, JAMES Y09068 10/09/2020 Natural Closed
FARLEY, ROBERT 131585 10/19/2020 Natural Closed
CULVER, ASA 218890 11/04/2020 Natural Closed
MCLEAN, RONALD H13747 11/08/2020 Natural Closed
GOSCIMINSKI, ANDREW K54395 11/13/2020 Natural Closed
GALLION, CLINTON 040145 11/14/2020 Natural Closed
DOWNS, ERNEST 063143 11/28/2020 Natural Closed
AUGHINBAUGH, WILLIAM B02918 12/02/2020 Natural Closed
FOSTER, CHARLES 049546 12/29/2020 Natural Closed
WASHINKO, STEVEN 169090 01/12/2021 Natural Closed
BARNES, WILLIAM 078246 02/12/2021 Natural Closed
CARD, JAMES 081792 04/10/2021 Natural Closed
MALONE, JOHN 886215 05/28/2021 Natural Closed
MELTON, CARL 083710 06/14/2021 Natural OPEN
SMITH, JOSEPH 899500 07/26/2021 Natural Closed
LYNCH, RICHARD E08942 08/05/2021 Natural Closed
BECKHAM, SAMPSON 001988 08/17/2021 Natural Closed
GRIFFIN, JOSEPH 632433 08/20/2021 Natural Closed
ANDUJAR, JOSE 056629 08/27/2021 Natural Closed
SMITH, STEPHEN 189262 09/25/2021 Natural Closed
GILLEY, WILLIAM 781745 10/24/2021 Natural Closed
MCGUIRE, WILLIAM P12864 12/03/2021 Natural CLOSED
GREEN, JAMAR X43586 12/17/2021 Suicide CLOSED
ALICEA, KEVIN B00590 01/15/2022 Natural Closed
ARCHER, ROBIN 216728 01/25/2022 Natural Closed
THAMES, OLIVER 203377 02/21/2022 Natural Closed
DAVIDSON, DONALD J29399 05/02/2022 Suicide Closed
06/27/2022 Suicide OPEN-FDLE
PARKER, ROBERT 279066 07/03/2022 Accident OPEN-FDLE
GAMBLE, GUY 123096 09/16/2022 Natural Closed
EVANS, STEVEN 330290 10/09/2022 Natural Closed
BOOKER, STEPHEN 044049 11/03/2022 Accident Closed
VALENTINE, TERANCE 119682 12/14/2022 Natural Closed
KITTRELL, GRADY 073373 12/17/2022 Natural Closed
HAMILTON, RICHARD 123846 01/12/2023 Open
FLOYD, FRANKLIN R30302 01/20/2023 Natural Closed
GROSS, PHILLIP 042631 02/23/2023 Natural Closed
04/08/2023 Suicide Closed
LOCKETT, CHARLIE E14876 04/12/2023 Natural Closed
PRESLEY, CLYDE 950975 06/04/2023 Natural Closed
JOHNSON, PAUL 019513 09/30/2023 Natural Closed
10/30/2023 Pending Open
08/03/2023 Natural Closed
BAILEY, DAMON K92327 11/03/2023 Natural Open
12/19/2023 Pending
JONES, BOBBY 042108 01/02/2024 Natural Closed
MCDOWELL, THOMAS 018959 01/27/2024 Natural OPEN
WILSON, DAL 128811 03/01/2024 Natural Open

Guide for Manner of Death classification from the National Association of Medical Examiners

Investigative Status Definitions

Open: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the FDC Office of the Inspector General.

Open- FDLE: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Open- OTHER*: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the listed local law enforcement agency with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Closed: The death investigation is completed.

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