Inmate Mortality at Suwannee Correctional Institution Annex

Name DC Number Date of Death Manner of Death
Determined by ME
Investigative Status
MATOS, ALEXY97192212/28/2017NaturalClosed
MCGRORTY, JAMEST2910001/06/2018AccidentClosed
GAMBLE, LACARVIAM1327401/26/2018NaturalClosed
WILLIS, TERRY08716106/16/2018NaturalClosed
NEWSOME, JOHNNY02818911/24/2018NaturalClosed
HEREFORD, RICHARD14943512/04/2018NaturalClosed
HALE, RONDALP4880512/10/2018NaturalClosed
MCCOY, JOSEPH10881305/23/2019NaturalClosed
CRAIG, DONALD07189508/22/2019NaturalClosed
GOSS, MILTON07744809/01/2019NaturalClosed
BROOKS, KENNETH 476359 03/25/2020 Natural Closed
PRICE, CHARLES I80539 05/07/2020 Natural Closed
DUNBABIN, DENNIS 043549 06/20/2020 Natural Closed
HUNT, JOEL 573587 07/14/2020 Natural Closed
KLOKOC, VICTOR 116018 07/28/2020 Natural Closed
RANKINS, MICHAEL 044737 08/04/2020 Natural Closed
BIXLER, MONTE 072674 08/11/2020 Natural Closed
ROGERS, MARCUS 267193 08/30/2020 Natural Closed
TULLIS, LARRY T74785 10/27/2020 Natural Closed
FOURNIER, RICHARD X04474 10/31/2020 Natural Closed
BEAHR, JAMES I08266 03/04/2021 Natural Closed
03/04/2021 Homicide OPEN-FDLE
LARRINAGA, RONALD 138878 04/28/2021 Natural Closed
SANVILLE, RAYMOND 799675 05/06/2021 Natural Closed
COX, BRUCE S12381 05/07/2021 Natural Closed
TRENARY, RAYMOND 079617 05/08/2021 Natural Closed
SHELTON, VAUGHN 157343 07/25/2021 Natural Closed
BELL, JAMES 795172 08/01/2021 Natural Closed
LANE, KEITH R59711 08/05/2021 Natural Closed
08/17/2021 Pending Closed
WILLIAMS, MICHAEL C12027 08/27/2021 Natural Closed
VALDEZ, ARCADIO 092267 09/25/2021 Natural Closed
GORE, BOBBY V53493 10/24/2021 Natural Closed
HOOD, WILLIAM 704250 12/10/2021 Natural CLOSED
ROBINSON, ROBERT 090171 12/15/2021 Natural CLOSED
JONES, LESLIE U57322 12/26/2021 Natural Closed
QUINTANA, FERNANDO 080564 01/17/2022 Natural Closed
CLARK, LEVON 010994 01/21/2022 Natural Closed
BROWN, JOHNNIE 302762 01/22/2022 Natural Closed
MALOY, SHAIN E31127 04/11/2022 Suicide Closed
FOWLER, THOMAS 010418 05/07/2022 Natural Closed
BERNAL, PROMETEO R84836 07/11/2022 Natural Closed
CHILDS, ARTHUR 090742 09/04/2022 Natural Closed
09/07/2022 Natural Closed
RODRIGUEZ, JESUS 088171 09/28/2022 Natural Closed
09/28/2022 Suicide Closed
04/04/2023 Accident Closed
SIZELOVE, MAX 086954 04/21/2023 Natural Closed
SMITH, JIMMY 035167 12/07/2022 Natural Closed
BROWN, JAMES 400735 12/10/2022 Natural Closed
FORD, MITCHELL W03147 05/14/2023 Natural Closed
MORIN, GEORGE 075408 06/09/2023 Natural Closed
POTTS, FRANK 083788 06/14/2023 Natural Closed
06/18/2023 Pending OPEN
07/03/2023 SUWANNEE C.I. ANNEX Natural Closed
COLLINGSWORTH, RUBIN 100817 07/09/2023 Natural CLOSED
07/22/2023 Pending OPEN
BRADLEY, JAMES B41416 07/25/2023 Accident OPEN
01/16/2024 Homicide OPEN

Guide for Manner of Death classification from the National Association of Medical Examiners

Investigative Status Definitions

Open: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the FDC Office of the Inspector General.

Open- FDLE: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Open- OTHER*: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the listed local law enforcement agency with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Closed: The death investigation is completed.

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