Inmate Mortality at Everglades Correctional Institution

Name DC Number Date of Death Manner of Death
Determined by ME
Investigative Status
LUBIN, JEAN42869007/15/2017NaturalClosed
DESTEFANIS, VINCENT64514110/30/2017NaturalClosed
BEDEAU, JEFF14546801/04/2018NaturalClosed
SIMMONS, WILLIAM04251201/08/2018NaturalClosed
FERNANDEZ, FERNANDO43099902/02/2018NaturalClosed
RODRIGUEZ-PACHECO, MIGUEL10073902/02/2018NaturalClosed
WASHINGTON, KEITH08769302/09/2018NaturalClosed
ALVAREZ, JUAN10729503/18/2018NaturalClosed
MONTES DE OCA, NELSON44894806/02/2018NaturalClosed
BOSWELL, RUFUS07944308/13/2018Natural OPEN-MDPD
POWELL, HELKAIB0830909/16/2018Natural CLOSED
METH, ROBERT09462910/25/2018Natural OPEN-MDPD
GOMEZ, ARNALDO42897611/21/2018NaturalClosed
FERNANDEZ, JESUS10343301/27/2019NaturalClosed
GONZALEZ, FRANCISCO14896502/27/2019AccidentClosed
DAVIS, ROBERT18313709/10/2019 Natural OPEN-MDPD
JACKSON, CHARLES 650327 04/11/2020 Natural Closed
MONTERO, ROLANDO 406585 05/28/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
KITCHEN, JOHNNY 064834 06/01/2020 Natural Closed
CALANDRA, JOSEPH 193913 07/15/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
CHAPLIN, MICHAEL 231757 07/24/2020 Natural Closed
HENDERSON, CARRIE 067533 07/26/2020 Natural Closed
BRUZON, LUIS 199185 08/10/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
MOORE, BARRY 638329 08/26/2020 Accident OPEN-MDPD
REEVES, TIMOTHY 588210 09/04/2020 Accident OPEN-MDPD
MCRAE, STEVEN 165065 02/24/2021 Natural Closed
CLARK, RONALD 066708 05/10/2021 Natural Closed
PORTALEA, CARLOS I30547 12/17/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
PEGRAM, SCOTT 315633 01/08/2022 Natural Closed/td>
02/11/2022 Pending Closed
SCOTT, WILLIE 037499 04/23/2022 Natural Closed
BOWERS, MELVIN 719445 06/12/2022 Natural Closed
10/04/2022 Pending Closed
PLEVNIAK, RICHARD B09279 10/22/2022 Natural Closed
JOY, MICHAEL B15196 10/04/2022 Natural OPEN-MDPD
HARPER, LITTLE 021875 11/20/2022 Natural Closed
ODOM, DENNIS S90667 01/17/2023 Natural Closed
GRIFFIN, FRANK 381057 02/03/2023 Natural Closed
02/12/2023 Pending OPEN-FDLE
GOSMAN, JOHN 068399 03/15/2023 Natural OPEN-MDPD
IVEY, LINWOOD 839232 04/10/2023 Natural Closed
PENA, FRANKLYN Q40100 05/14/2023 Natural OPEN
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM 041811 10/29/2023 Natural Open
ROSIER, TIMOTHY 073107 12/17/2023 EVERGLADES C.I. Natural
02/03/2024 Pending
02/14/2024 Pending

Guide for Manner of Death classification from the National Association of Medical Examiners

Investigative Status Definitions

Open: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the FDC Office of the Inspector General.

Open- FDLE: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Open- OTHER*: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the listed local law enforcement agency with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Closed: The death investigation is completed.

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