Lake City Circuit Office

Deputy Circuit Administrator
Tricia Lindo
Deputy Circuit Administrator
Amber Crews
Circuit Administrator
1435 US Highway 90 West, Suite 120
Lake City, FL
(386) 362-2878
(386) 466-3011

Counties Served: Columbia, Dixie, Hamilton, Lafayette, Madison, Suwannee, and Taylor

General Information: This circuit covers seven counties in northern Florida. Probation officers supervise offenders in the community who have been placed on probation or community control by the court and offenders who have been released from prison with post-release supervision. Probation officers enhance public safety by monitoring offender’s compliance with conditions of supervision. Probation officers assist offenders with resources and services necessary to transition from prison or jail to the community. Probation officers increase the offender’s likelihood of succeeding by using evidence based practices including assessment of risk and needs, enhancing offender motivation, providing positive reinforcement and ongoing support, and offering classes for self-improvement and behavior change including Life Skills, How to Make it on Probation or Community Control, Employment Interviewing and Application skills, Thinking for a Change or Moral Recognition Therapy Cognitive Behavior classes. Probation officers refer offenders to various community resources to assist them in obtaining employment, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, as well as other positive, self improvement programs to assist the offender.

Directions: Coming into Lake City from the West - From I-75 exit 426 East on Highway 90 approximately 3 miles on left in Lake City Professional Plaza across from FHP. Coming into Lake City from the East - From I-10 exit 301 South on Highway 41 (Main Blvd), turn Right on Highway 90,  approximately 1.2 miles on right in Lake City Professional Plaza across from FHP.

Offenders Under Supervision (as of January 5, 2024) 2,403

Community Based Sanctions and Programs: Substance abuse, mental health and sex offender treatment programs.


  • 030 - LAKE CITY MAIN
    1435 US Highway 90 West, Suite 120
    Lake City, FL 32055
    (386) 754-1000
    Fax: (386) 754-1002
  • 031 - LIVE OAK
    506 Houston Avenue NW
    Live Oak, FL 32064
    (386) 362-2869
    Fax: (386) 364-4936
  • 032 - MADISON
    757 SW Range Ave, Suite C
    Madison, Florida 32340
    (850) 973-5096
    Fax (850) 973-5098
  • 033 - PERRY
    121 North Jefferson Street
    Perry, Florida 32347-0540
    (850) 838-8700
    Fax: (850) 223-4566
  • 034 - OLD TOWN
    25815 SE Hwy 19
    Old Town, FL 32680
    (352) 542-0286
    Fax: (352) 542-0695
  • 03C - Lake City Circuit
    1435 US Highway 90 West, Suite 120
    Lake City, FL 32055
    (386) 362-2878
    Fax: (386) 466-3011